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Brand: Devilbiss

Product Code: ADV-S4** - ##

http://www.akmboya.com/dokum/ADVANCE COMPLIANT USTTEN DEPOLU.pdf

Optional Accessories
Paint filter kit (3 parts) 
2- Tungsten carbide and hardened nozzle needle
3- Nylon-tipped needle

Air Cap   
0.85 mm  1.0 mm 1.2 mm 1.3 mm 1.4 mm 1.6 mm  1.8 mm  2.0 mm  2.2 mm  2.8 mm
 505  HVLP  P  P  P  P T  P  P T B  P T B  P T B  P T  
 510  Trans-Tech  P  P  P  P T  P  P T B P T B P T B
 P T  
 522  Trans-Tech  P  P  P  P  P  P  P P  P P


Strong, light and easy usage High transfer quality desing Improved air flow Soft trigger Stainless needle, nozzle Convenient with ATEX and CE