• Akm Fransızca

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Brand: AKM

Product Code: BK-10-G-A

The cover of the mixer was pressed from the 7 mm sheet metal The liquid such as enamel, solvent, water based paint, asphalt Our mixers are designed in two options as hand engine control or air engine control for mixing.
* Inlet and outlet valves that has been chosen from the spherical teflon is equipped with sensitive pressure regulator





Air Inlet Outlet Paint Outlet

Load (mm)




BK-45-G- M



1/4 “

3/8 “




 Technical Characteristics :

  • Engine Power         : 1/2 hp
  • Torque Nm : 3
  • Max. Rotational Speed : 2.160 m/rpm


All of the our mixers are galvanized (They can optionally be produced as a stainless steel)